Accuwright is perfectly positioned to serve this busy Georgia city’s business growth. Our Lagrange industrial mechanical team has roots here in Troup county. That is why we are invested in the future of this community. Firstly, Accuwright provides a high level of service with our, home grown, highly experienced staff.  Secondly, we always source local materials when possible, further investing in our community.  From piping and platforms to custom stainless fabrication, our crews have been doing it for years. Further more, our in house design and modeling tools produce the highest quality potential. But most of all, we have the craftsman to produce the highest quality product. The Lagrange Industrial Mechanical market is highly competitive, and we love living in this expanding market! Our Lagrange millwrights have the tools and training to support that growth.

  • Part Design
  • Water cutting
  • Sheet metal forming
  • Punching
  • Welding
  • Pipe and Tube Bending
  • Stainless

Lagrange Millwrights

You would not go to a dentist to deliver a baby. Don’t let a piping contractor install or service your production equipment. Our Lagrange Millwrights work daily from our Machinery moving division. These craftsmen can service, install or assemble any type machine. We have the heavy rigging equipment and specialty tools required to professionally handle your project. We work with OEMs daily on; rebuilds, change outs and retrofits. Accuwright is focused on quality first. We research, schedule and prepare for projects better than our competition. So when its game-time we are ready to play, and once you have us on your team we will assure a successful project. Our goal is to be your top contractor for future projects, and develop a long lasting relationship. Single machine to an entire facility, we are ready. Let us show you what we can do on your next project!