What is International Compliant Crating


We operate in a global market place. Plants are relocating operations and equipment across boarders every day. Consequently, international compliant crating and packing is critical to the safe delivery of goods. Likewise, some unwanted guests can travel in wood crating materials. ISPM-15 materials regulations were established, as a result. In short ISPM-15 prevents international trade goods, and their packaging, from transporting parasitic organisms found in wood. For this reason Accuwright Mechanical has a dedicated crating department that is certified in international shipping standards. Certainly, crating is a major investment in the protection of your goods. On the other hand, in-adherence to international crating guidelines can create costly delays, and even more costly repacks.

ISPM-15 Materials

Beyond 2015 the most widely acceptable method of treating wood is heat treatment or HT. Methods range from kiln-drying, heat-enabled chemical pressure impregnation to microwave. Regardless of the preparation the supplier will certify the wood products for international compliant crating use. From the ISPM-15 site the following are exempt:

  • Wood packaging made wholly of processed wood material.
  • Plastic Mondipal pallets are fully free of any ISPM-15 laws and regulations.
  • Wood packaging material made entirely from thin wood (6 mm or less in thickness).
  • Wood fiber export palletblocks 100% ISPM-15 proof.
  • Barrels for wine and spirit that have been heated during manufacture.
  • Sawdust, wood shavings and wood wool.
  • Wood components permanently attached to freight vehicles and containers.

Above all, your relocation partner should be trained and certified in the use of these products. Finally, remember to ask them if they have the ISPM-15 stamp. Beware, if they do not the packaging will not be compliant even if the proper materials are used.