Last 1 of the “Real Peterbilt’s”


Peterbilt Restoration

Our shop Peterbilt is going through a day-cab conversion and restoration. This 2001 379 just bumped over 1 million miles. Her CAT 550 is showing no signs of it though! This is the last of the real CAT powered Pete’s, no EGR no after-treatment. In our fleet of ultra-modern Volvos, this platform doesn’t make sense for us to keep in full production any longer. Many truly beautiful things don’t make sense. So with that in mind, we are bringing this, last of an era truck, back to its full splendor. Ill post an update of the finished product soon…. 13′ stacks and all. If you would like it used on your local project, just ask… as long as its not raining. ????

email for more pics and video of the process.