What does an industrial machine move cost?

What does an industrial machine move cost

We get asked this question every day. At least we hope we do! So what are the factors that most influence this price? Many times the cost of the installation equipment far outweighs “pardon the pun” the cost of labor. So lets run down the top driving factors we consider in an industrial machine move cost estimate, for rigging machine selection. This is written with the person that would be asking this question in mind. “What does an industrial machine move cost?” There will be little here for any salty riggers that stumble across this article, but read it anyway!

Machine weight weighs heavily on price

The weight will likely be the single most determining factor in rigging equipment selection. Once over 100,000 pounds indoors the equipment list gets short. This is the question every rigger will ask right up front. It is critical in developing industrial machine move cost.

Hydraulic Gantries are costly, and worth it

Sometimes we can’t get close enough to a machine to use any of our mobile tools. Sometimes the weight is too great. Then the Hydraulic Gantry is the tool of choice. These lifting systems are incredibly powerful. Loads of 4-800 tons are commonly handled with these machines. They can operate in very low headroom, and span voids and pits that other machines can not contend with. The track rails disperse weight over a wide area. This lowers the pounds per square inch, and greatly increases the floor bearing capacity.

However, the hydraulic gantry is a machine move itself. It requires a crew and equipment to assemble. It can take longer to unpack and assemble the gantry, than it does to move your machine! These factors alone make this choice costly. Slow and steady is the way.

This isn’t amateur equipment. In trained hands gantries are incredibly safe. But it doesn’t take many YouTube searches to see what can go wrong.

Columbus GA Machinery Movers

Columbus GA Machinery Movers

Crane or Heavy Forklift debate

Where is machine move? Is it inside or outside of the facility. This will be yet another crucial factor in equipment selection. Cranes are great, but they are very limited indoors. Ceiling heights as low 30 feet can make them almost inoperable in a building. They have limited mobility due to their size as well. Outside they are many times they right choice. The can function on surfaces that make heavy forklifts inoperable. A cranes reach capacity is many times higher than a forklift.

Indoor Crane Rigging

Indoor Crane Rigging

A specialized heavy fork lift, like our Hoist 40/60 has an incredible 100,000 pounds lift capacity on solid ground. But that’s the catch. Its useless on soft or unstable ground without extensive stabilization and road plating. This equipment shines on tight in-plant work. Its compact design allows it to operate in tight and low headroom environments. The heavy forklift can also lift and carry. This gives it the ability to transport a heavy load, long distances.

Sometimes its a combination of the Crane and the Lift. Both of these solutions are able to set up and move fast. The expensive equipment make the job costly. However the labor can be cheaper as the machine is doing the work.


This was right before the left front went through the floor!

This was right before the left front went through the floor!

Skates and jacks are economical

The Romans used rollers. So do we! The most economical way to move a very heavy load is Jacks and Skates. These systems are very versatile and incredibly powerful on stable surfaces. Why is a dock important? We can actually load virtually any weight equipment into a container or on to an open deck trailer with this tool. No dock… likely back to lift or crane to load trucks.

The lower the center of gravity, the safer these systems are. If a machine is tall or top heavy, your butt cheeks will be clenched the whole time. This entire system can be transported in a standard pick up truck. A trained rigging crew can economically perform amazing feats with set up.

We have this system… it is sweet!

So what does an industrial machine move cost? It is based on more factors than just the ones listed here. Every job is different. A good contractor will take the time to develop an economical plan. From this they will prepare an estimate. Most contractors don’t charge for a machine moving estimate. If they do, WE DON’T- so CALL US!!! Seriously though, chose someone you are comfortable with. That will take the time to explain what needs to be done, and why. Your equipment and time are valuable. Thanks for reading!!!