Die Cast Construction

Die Cast Construction









Die Cast Construction 

Accuwright’s Alabama rigging group caught some good pictures of this die cast construction project while underway. This particular die caster had multiple pieces over 100,000lbs. Though a crane would have been able to handle the loads outside there was not enough overhead space inside the building. The solution for us was simple. Our hydraulic gantries are designed for just this type of machine installation. Every site has its challenges. Having access to the right equipment is critical. On this project we provided;

  • 200 ton gantries 
  • (two) 40/60 versalifts 
  • 8000lbs reach lift 
  • 6000lbs forklift 
  • 50ton low boy 
  • heavy jacks and skate 
  • heavy rigging  

With all these tools on hand our team was able to manage; a tight site, bad weather and some heavy lifts. When plans changed, we had the flexibility to stay on schedule and not effect the cost of this die cast construction.

Alabama Heavy Haul

Our 50 ton heavy haul trailer moving 100,000lbs up a ramp, and through a tight door.

Hydraulic Gantries  

The ability to be able to handle extreme weights, with our owned equipment, allows Accuwright to control both schedules and budgets. When bad weather delayed the unload activities, there was not an additional cost for a crane sitting, unused. The gantries provide safe and precise handling of the heaviest loads. In this situation it was the only option. While its true that hydraulic gantries are slower, they can be much more economical over the course of the entire project. On this die cast machine build we routinely approached safely factors of 4 times over load weight. Every lift was well planned and extremely safe. A crew well experienced in the set up, and operation, of hydraulic gantries is becoming a rare thing. If you have a challenging project we would love to help out. Accuwright looks forward to working with you soon!

Alabama Gantry Rigging

Precise handling of 100,000lbs


Heavy lifting in Alabama

Making easy work of big weight.

Die Cast Assembly

Major assembly of Die Cast complete

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