Plant Relocation Services

Plant relocation services by Accuwright are unique, because we are a full service Mechanical and Electrical Contractor. This is why we say we offer a true turnkey plant relocation. While some contractors only offer one facet of your complex project, we provide support for all phases.  So if you are contemplating a move or have a pressing project, let us offer a hand, even if its only a consultation. Many times we are able to provide insight on a project that we are not even involved in. It is our belief that if we are able serve you today you will be a customer tomorrow.  Some of our plant relocation services include;

  • Load planning
  • Budgeting
  • Decommissioning
  • Rigging
  • Crating
  • Transportation
  • Storage
  • Installation
  • Recommissioning

Turnkey Plant Relocation

Its just that simple. The sooner we can get involved in a plant relocation project the better, because we do this every day. If you are moving into a new space, up-sizing or downsizing, you have enough to worry about. Give us your schedule and we will make sure it is met, and you can continue on with “your” business.

Industrial  Movers

Accuwright’s industrial movers work with equipment reps daily so we are experts at a large variety of equipment. Most of all we have the tools to get the job done;

  • trailers from flats to 50 ton lowboys
  • Forklifts to 60,000#s
  • Off-road forklifts
  • Gantrys to 400 tons
  • Compact cranes up to 18 tons
  • Mobile cranes to 90 tons 
  • Machine skates for any application
  • Advanced jack systems for precision movements

If you are in industry and manufacturing we will move you, period. Never too heavy, never too complex, we will develop a plan that you are comfortable with. You choose your level of involvement. You can pull all the levers or just tell us where you want it… that’s your preference.  When equipment doesn’t fit as planned, Accuwright routinely makes the required modifications prior to installation in your new facility. See our industrial mechanical services.

Factory Relocation

Cross County or Cross Borders

Please don’t let our location in the southeast keep you from involving us in your project. We are a relocation company, so we will go anywhere. Our rates are very competitive nationwide.  Through our network, we have full broker capability. Therefore, we are able to leverage our proven partners’ assets to best suit your needs.  This why we are able to provide the most economical transportation solution for your single piece or total plant move. We also offer economical coast-to-coast service.

From the field. South Carolina is shaping up.

Posted by Accuwright Mechanical, Industrial Services on Friday, October 30, 2020



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