CNC Machine Installer

It seems like there is no typical project when it comes to installing an CNC machine. Since so many factors effect our job we have to be proficient an anything that can arise.  Let us justify why we can say we provide quality CNC machine installations for; Haas, Okuma, Mazak, Hermle, Amada… just to name a few.

  • Used equipment removal
    • Many times we must remove existing CNC equipment to make room for new equipment, and if the machine is not being relocated on site we transport it to its next destination.
  • Used equipment recapitalization
    • We have buyers that want your machine, and you are able recover costs right up front with quick appraisals and immediate payment. As a result a viable machine doesn’t have to go to scrap. Rather rebuild your machine tool? Let us discuss your options, and we cant handle the work we will bring in someone who can.
  • Transportation
    • When we pick up your machine on our truck we can guarantee on time delivery to your site, so you get it exactly when you want it. Our trailers are designed to haul up to 100,000 pounds, and our drivers are expert at securing and transporting heavy yet delicate CNC machines. But most of all you now have a single point of contact and accountability.
  • Crating and un-crating
    • Overseas shipment of a CNC machine requires exacting crate fabrication, and for this Accuwright has a dedicated crew. In addition we certify our crates and vacuum moisture bags to insure your delicate components wont be damaged.
  • Site layout and preparation
    • If your installation surface area is inadequate we can repair our replace it, and this is a crucial step in the long term accuracy of the machine. We work with; Haas, Okuma, Mazak technicians constantly, and we understand the expectations they have before they arrive. Therefore we will handle excavation to precision foundation installation prior to the arrival of your machine.
  • Final Placement
    • We have the specialized equipment required to safely and accurately place your machine in its final position, and when there are multiple pieces we take care of the entire assembly process. Once assembled and in place, final leveling is performed to the specific machine specifications. Finally tightening of the anchors or jacks is performed. Now you are set for a long life of accurate operation, and with the peace of mind that all necessary steps have been taken to protect your investment.

In conclusion it is our job to make sure every customer is a repeat customer, and we will not call a job done until you are fully satisfied. Most of all Accuwright Mechanical truly takes 100% ownership of our work, so we leave no job undone.

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